Analyst: Microsoft Losing Momentum, Nintendo Planning Big for E3

With E3 just around the corner, analyst Todd Greenwald of Signal Hill has offered his insights into the business and what he expects for the big three console makers.

“We think the 360 has lost significant momentum to both the Wii and PS3, especially in Europe, and is in need of both a price cut and new features to bring in mainstream gamers beyond the Halo/Call of Duty/GTA crowd,” said Greenwald. “Hopefully, Microsoft will have something else up its sleeve, such as a new motion-enabled controller (to better compete with the Wii).”

Regarding Sony, he feels they will stand firm in their strategy, in spite of whatever moves Microsoft makes. “We do not expect a price cut on the PS3 just yet – Sony appears to be focused on profitability right now, and actually has some momentum behind it now with the Blu-Ray win, and its strongest lineup of exclusive titles since the console’s launch (Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, etc).”

And as for Nintendo? Greenwald thinks they’re preparing to play an Ace come E3: “Nintendo has been surprisingly quiet lately, and has not announced any first-party Wii titles for the 2nd half,” he stated. “They have hinted that there will be something for the ‘core gamers’, and we have heard rumblings that there will be a big surprise game that may incorporate a new peripheral, much like last year’s introduction of Wii Fit, which came with the balance board.”