Analyst Dislikes Resident Evil 5’s Controls; Capcom Hasn’t “Received Any Such Opinion&q

During their conference call regarding third-quarter financial results, Capcom was clearly expecting a number of questions. Questions regarding their arcade business, about forecasts for ordinary income, about the impact of the yen’s appreciation.

But as it happens, there was one question which Capcom was clearly not prepared for.

Q. I thought “Resident Evil 5” had very poor playability in the demo version, so I would like to hear Capcom’s

Of all things to hear during such a call. Kotaku credits the question to a Japanese analyst; I kind of wonder if some fanboy didn’t luck his way into the call.

Nonetheless, if it was an analyst… perhaps he expects that to be a detrimental factor towards the game’s sales?

In any case, Capcom gave the following reply:

A. We would prefer not to comment, as we haven’t received any such opinion. — Capcom Conference Call (.pdf)

Strange, I thought people had been rather vocal about such things. Or am I mistaken, and it’s simply been things other than the controls?