Steps into the Punch-Out!! Ring with Heavyweight Contender’s Kit

Sometimes, you just never see it coming.

I love video game merchandise, and there are a lot of obvious choices for product to market: Sonic plush toys, Street Fighter action figures, replica Lancers and Halo guns, shirts of just about anything, and so on. Then there’s the stuff you just don’t expect. And that’s what we have here today.

Behold the official “Punch-Out!! Exclusive Heavyweight Contender Kit.” As Amazon itself is quick to point out, this is not a special edition, this is not a bonus; if you get this, you still have to get the game, too, if you want to make Glass Joe’s record look a little worse.

Contained within the $34.99 kit (buy it together with the $46.99 game, and you can pay just $81.98– a savings of… absolutely nothing) is everything you need to show that yes, you are the man to see about punching a guy out:

* King Hippo Crown Replica (perfect for showing who’s King of this Ring)

* King Hippo Desktop Punching Bag (dropping shorts action not included)

* King Hippo Boxer Shorts, Size Large (…or is it? No, probably not; sounds too big for a desktop punching bag. Be cool if it worked, though.)

* Doc Louis Remedy Chocolate Bar

It comes in what looks like a decently thick box, but unfortunately, details about the contents are rather sparse, short of what’s above; there is no picture of anything except the box, so no telling if the shorts are decorated with King Hippo’s chomping mouth covering your nether-regions, or if they just look like the ones he wears. The replica crown sounds promising, but again, we really know nothing about it, or how big it really is. Can it be worn?

We also have no idea how big the “desktop” punching bag is, and I never knew Doc Louis owned a chocolate factory, so I’m not even sure what to say about that.

I’m actually dying to see the contents of this thing, and wouldn’t mind owning one, but $35 for the listed items, sight unseen? Caveat emptor, I guess. It does bear Nintendo’s Official Seal, so at least it’s not unlicensed… not that I’d expect something which is exclusive to be, but there you go.

It comes out on May 18th, and if you decide to take the plunge, let us know! We’d love to host an unboxing of this possible treasure, if only so the rest of us will know whether or not to take the plunge. Or, if you’re a maker of this item, maybe you can fill us in.