Amazing Spider-Man Walkthough | Oscorp Robotics Lab: Part 1

Dr. Connors (The Lizard) has been kidnapped by Dr. Smythe, time to rescue him from the Oscorp Robot Labs! Plenty of mechanized jerks to take down in this chapter, let's get it done!

Amazing Spider-Man Video Walkthrough | Oscorp Robotics Lab

Start by navigating to the star on your map, then breaking in through the vent on the ground floor. After climbing through the vents, it's time to take out the four machines on the factory floor. Each is guarded by a turret and a robot or two, so use web rush to take the turret down, then use the web swing ability to toss those bots around. Afterwards, go onto the factory line and use web shot to shut down the steam vents. USe web rush to get across the electrified floor. In the next room, use web shot to gum up the robot doors, then use all the stuff littered around the room to incapacitate the bots and take them out. Go into the elevator the bots came down on, and gum up the fan to jump through into the tube. Break into the vent found there, then crawl through and avoid the steam coming through. Eventually, you'll end up in the same room as Connors. Toss the bots crawling through into the electric gizmos around the room to free Connors, then follow him into the next area. Smythe will grab you here, so lose the quick fight, then check Part 2 of our Oscorp Robotics Lab guide to learn how to escape the facility.