Amazing Spider-Man video walkthough | How to beat the St. Gabriel’s Bank chapter

St. Gabriel's Bank is being robbed by Felicia, the Black Cat. Let's stop her!

Walkthrough – How to beat the St. Gabriel's Bank Chapter

As you enter the bank, start by dispatching the goons with guns. Using the web shoot is great for keeping them at bay. Further in use the soda machine to freeze most of the jerks in the room and tie them up with webs. After freeing the security guard, return to the computer console you vaulted over earlier and use it to open the manager's office upstairs. Swing upstairs and use the vent to drop in on three more goons, then a few more in the vault itself. Proceed through the subway car, using stealth to take out the gunman in the station platform, then get back on the train and keep moving forward. At the end of the subway car, crawl up into the vent, then use stealth for the next section to dispatch all the guards. Then proceed down the hallway Black Cat went down in order to trigger that boss battle!