Amazing Samus Cosplay Space Jumps Onto the Internet

All I can say about this is wow. We’ve already seen an incredible replica of the gun from Portal this year, and now we have a Samus Aran cosplay suit that just about blows it out of the water.

Under the alias of Yuki, this Brazillian cosplayer, Thaís Jussim, created this 23 pound costume. In adding to the believability of the costume, it also sports over 70 LEDs. Unfortunately, the cannon doesn’t shoot Nerf balls, a shot to its potential in my opinion.

I know you want more photos, so check them out, and don’t be afraid to visit her website as it has plenty more other costumes for your visual entertainment (including Cloud Strife and Jill Valentine). It seems some cosplayers (and designers) are stepping up their game, and I’m enjoying it. How about you? What other awesome replicas and/or costumes would you like to see this year?

[Thanks to Marcelo Colin for photographing the image to the right!]