Age of Conan Creators Discover The Secret World

Norway-based game developer Funcom today announced the development of The Secret World, a massively multiplayer online role–playing game for the Xbox 360 and PC.

In what is described as a “modern day online world of action, horror and intriguing conspiracies”, The Secret World is the latest project from the creators of such projects as “Age of Conan” and “Dreamfall”. Players will experience an awe-inspiring world overflowing with t history, mythology, modern theories and ancient mysteries. Forces fight for dominance while wicked creatures roam the lands and modern cities hide fascinating secrets.

“We started envisioning this contemporary online world more than ten years ago, and as the years passed the ideas grew and improved,” said Ragnar Tørnquist, Producer and Director of The Secret World. “We always wanted a different kind of online world, something scary and contemporary, something deeper and closer to our reality. Our goal now is to create a detailed world where players feel empowered and part of something big, something mystical and epic.”

Game development started in mid-2006, presumably sometime after E3 in May. While a release period has not yet been set, players can try their wits by attempting to solve complex puzzles through a series of official websites. By becoming a community member, gamers can explore the intricate back story months before the game becomes available.

“We believe there are millions of gamers out there who want to explore something beyond traditional fantasy and sci-fi games,” said CEO Trond Arne Aas. “The Secret World is just that – a fantastic new setting that will fuel the imagination of online gamers, and keep players busy for years. We have a golden opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to the genre, and we firmly believe the game is an ideal extension of Funcom’s MMO portfolio,” he continued.

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