Activision & Marvel ink deal

Activision, Inc. and Marvel Enterprises jointly announced today that the companies have expanded their long-term, broad-based

strategic alliance and signed a multi-year extension for their current video game licensing agreements. The expanded agreements

grant Activision the exclusive rights to develop and publish video game products based on Marvel’s comic book franchises

Spider-Man, X-MEN, Fantastic Four and Iron Man through 2009. The new agreement represents the largest deal to date between

Marvel and Activision, with improved financial terms commensurate with the enormous popularity of the Marvel franchises.
Under the terms of these agreements, Activision has secured the exclusive worldwide publishing rights to each of the four

properties for all platforms and operating systems that deliver interactive entertainment software products to consumers. The terms

of the new agreements also provide Activision with the option to acquire the interactive entertainment rights to develop products in

conjunction with motion pictures and television series involving the X-MEN, Fantastic Four and Iron Man. Activision also publishes

games based on the phenomenally successful Spider-Man motion picture and its sequels under a separate agreement with

Spider-Man Merchandising LLP.

“Our association with Marvel has resulted in some of the most critically acclaimed and successful superhero video games ever,”

states Ron Doornink, President, Activision, Inc. “This announcement further underscores the strength of our relationship with

Marvel, our commitment to the superhero genre and allows us to continue developing exceptional games based on these highly

successful franchises well into the future.”

Bill Jemas, COO of Marvel Enterprises, “This deal further reinforces the enormous value of Marvel in the video game arena, and will

provide a significant revenue stream for the company over the next several years. Solidifying our relationship with Activision, one of

the pre-eminent names in the gaming industry, was a major priority for Marvel. Activision’s previous Spider-Man and X-MEN video

game releases have been huge sellers, helping establish Marvel super heroes as among the most coveted licenses in the video

game industry. Continuing our relationship with this industry leader further maximizes the long-term value of our top tier franchises.”

Activision has substantially increased its commitment to the number of Marvel-themed titles it will release over the next six years.

The company is currently in production with X2: Wolverine’s Revenge, an action adventure game slated for simultaneous release

with Twentieth Century Fox’s highly anticipated X-MEN movie, as well as multi-platform releases based on the Fantastic Four and

Iron Man properties. Additionally, Activision’s Spider-Man continues to be a top-selling game franchise, ranking as the fourth

best-selling video game franchise in the U.S. for the first 11 months of calendar 2002, according to NPD TRSTS. Activision is

currently in development with several new Spider-Man based games that it expects will continue to extend the popularity of the

franchise in 2003 and 2004.

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