A Tragic Tale of Bad Customer Service from Sony

We’ve heard our share of good customer service stories around here, but it’s usually from Nintendo. Microsoft is normally much more notorious, though the people there have their good points as well.

I’m a little hesitant to post this one, actually; not that I doubt the credibility of its origin, but to hear of a bad customer service story about Sony from GoNintendo… well, I just know there are going to be some people who call foul.

But hey, I prefer hearing about companies that do right by their customers, there’s something reassuring about it. So if you have a good CS story about Sony (or anyone else, for that matter) feel free to drop us a line and tell us all about it.

As for this particular tale, here are some excerpts:

I love my PS3.

Or rather, I LOVED my PS3. And everyone around me knows this.

To spare you the minutiae, a long story shortened: after performing a recent, mandatory System Update, my PS3 stopped working… completely. A couple of painless calls to their service folk, and they timidly agreed to set me up for a one-time complimentary repair, since my system was technically past its warranty period. Awesome.

Fast forward to today. My freshly healed system returns home. Untouched and broken as ever. Puzzled, my fingers instinctively dial that all-too familiar number to try and unlock some answers. After a lengthy wait on hold, you can imagine my delight to learn that both me and my suffering PS3 have been mistakenly and permanently blacklisted from their Service Center, thanks to some sort of error in their processing. Trying to resolve this mix-up was a futile, uphill battle that ultimately allowed me the privilege of meeting William, one of the most unhelpful, apathetic supervisors I’ve ever had the displeasure of doing business; someone completely uninterested in their products, customers, or his job for that matter, as evidenced by his demeanour with me. Wouldn’t listen to my problem, wouldn’t listen to or answer any questions. No effort to resolve things whatsoever. Contrast that with my initial contact; it’s equal to or better than the 15,000:1 ratio touted on their flagship flat-panel—night and day indeed.

So what I’m left with is an expensive doorstop I originally enjoyed so much that I convinced at least 3 of my friends to buy one, each of them also springing for new plasma TVs. Say what you will of my sales prowess; no magic word, sweet talking, or even begging Sony is going to change the fact that they broke my system and will never, ever fix it, even if i pay them the going rate to do so. Weaksauce. — GoNintendo

And of course, he goes on to say how his loyalty to Nintendo is validated by instances which are a stark contrast to this one. You can read the full article over there, but there’s the anecdotal part of the tale.

Anyway, if you’d like your name in lights and the opportunity to extol the virtues of your customer service rep, or condemn an uncaring supervisor, feel free to drop us a line; the address is at the top-right of the page, just under the ads.