5 things we loved and 5 things we hated: Max Payne 3

5 Things To Hate About Max Payne 3

1. Brazil

There is nothing Noir about sunny Sao Paulo Brazil. Sad, violent, and bloody? Hell yes, but Noir? Nope. The feel of Max is lost in this setting. It’s not like New York is a tried setting, it is the setting, or maybe send Max to Chicago and kill mobsters there.

2. No Continuity

If you played MP2 on hard, Mona Sax lives. So why is she dead/missing from MP3? Also why is Max lamenting over his lost wife and daughter. Didn’t he come to peace with that at the end of 2 when he says “I had a dream my wife and daughter were dead, but it was all right”.

3. Bad Storyline

Show Max as the intelligent detective he is. Maybe expand on Max’s impact on the police community. Now practically a living legend Max could be given a high profile case, maybe work with a hot FBI agent who Mona despises and Max almost falls for, maybe Max and Mona struggle with their professions, Max a cop and Mona a (supposedly retired) “hired gun”, the possibilities are endless really.

4. No TV Shows

In Max Payne 2 The television shows playing were haunting parodies of his wife’s murder, his relationship with Mona and Vlad, and his quarrel with Vinny Cognitti. These elements were removed from MP3 making the background feel more like a set piece and less like a living character that almost mocks Max as he tries to make sense of his life.

5. Insane Difficulty

If anyone can beat the last boss on hard, post a link to the video below or tell me how you did it. I pride myself on fighting through and replaying hundreds of times to win, but something about that last boss fight felt way too hard. I can't image that fight on hardcore or even Old School mode. Think Dark Souls.

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It’s an understatement to say I am a huge Max Payne fan. I must have played and replayed both Max Payne and Max Payne 2 over a hundred times.

In my opinion Max Payne wrote the book on cinematic action shooters.

The original and its sequel gave us a closer look into gunplay and gave us a deep and intriguing story that brought us closer to the hero in a way not many games do.

So you could imagine my excitement when I finally got to sit down and play Max Payne 3.

Immediately I saw things I loved, but also saw some major issues.

5 Things To Love About Max Payne 3

1. The Kill Cam

Killing the last guy in a wave of bad guys never felt so satisfying. Seeing Max blurred in the background as he falls in slow motion shooting up an enemy was an exclamation point to an end of a gunfight and was immensely satisfying.

2. James McCaffrey

That man’s voice is a cross between fine leather, solid gold bars and top shelf brandy with an oaky finish. His narrative was all over this game and it was just great. I wonder if he does audiobooks…

3. Game physics

The character behavior system is well thought out and realistic. When Max dodges into a wall he tucks his head in a bit and slams into the wall causing your bullet dodge to cut short. This level of realism had me rethinking my dodge directions. Getting through a window while capping three guys was no longer an in game fact, but a skill related move that required you to judge your distance from the window before jumping through.

4. Multiplayer

Fun, deep, fair, and has bullet time! The bullet time works based on who is in your line of sight rather than an area of effect. Plenty of game modes and abilities and weapons, keeps this game spinning in my 360. Will definitely keep coming back to play more multiplayer.

5. Destructible environments

Walls chip and burst apart under heavy gunfire. Cars explode and lights shatter, the enemy isn't the only thing getting destroyed during a gunfight. When you walk out of a room after a heavy fire fight, you can look back at the glorious aftermath of destruction you left behind.