‘Core Game’ of Forza 3 on 1 Disc, Suggests Source

Cries of a Forza fanboy could certainly be heard when the Intellisponse survey leak revealed likely plans to release a third installment in the racing sim. Some were joyous just to hear the words “Forza” and “3” uttered in the same breath; others expressed concerns over the game’s content spanning 2 discs.

As it turns out, the “core game” will most probably ship on a single disc, according to Indian game dev Dhruva Interactive. Dhruva (I’ve no idea how to pronounce that, mind you) has worked with a number of developers who have done some big racing titles, mainly providing them 3D assets. The source goes on: “Content won’t be sacrificed…fans will be pleasantly surprised for what’s in store.”

Remember that the initial leak concerned surveys of games that might be coming out, and even then not necessarily in the state that Intellisponse has described. My guess is that the full game will be included on one disc while the second disc will contain bonus features exclusive to the game’s collector’s edition package.