360 HD to HD Cable Now Free

The Xbox 360 Elite went on sale yesterday and many reviewers have criticized the absence of a data transfer cable in the Xbox 360 Elite package.

This said cable is offered with the stand-alone 120 GB hard drive that is being sold to existing Xbox 360 owners who want to upgrade.

You can’t blame Microsoft’s logic – after all how many consumers who buy a Xbox 360 Elite are existing Xbox 360 owners? Weeks of online grumbling apparently has changed their tune – this data transfer cable will be available to anyone who purchases an Xbox 360 Elite by filling this form.

Once the data transfer cable kit arrives it is good for ONE use. Once the data is transferred to the new hard drive, the other one is cleared out.

An unfortunate side effect has occurred as part of this process. A side effect that some of us in the Xbox 360 world are quite familiar with – when a hard drive from one Xbox 360 is placed on another unit, the games are only playable in demo mode unless there is a live internet connection with the purchaser’s Xbox Live account logged in.

This comes as a major complaint to those who have purchased a Xbox Elite who felt Microsoft was not upfront about the unfortunate side consequences of transferring material with DRM from one HD to another.

It seems as though there will be no concessions made by Microsoft regarding Xbox Live HD to HD transfer, so if you intend to play your Xbox Live content offline without having to be logged in – don’t transfer data to your Xbox Elite.

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