25 to Life

From a personal aspect of living in the hood. I’ve experienced some of the most terrible things anybody can ever imagine. As I started hearing about this new game entitled ‘25 to Life’, I’ve noticed some of the violent activities that I’ve actually lived and have possibly seen. Unlike GTA: San Andreas, it has it’s likes, dislikes, differences and controversial opinions. 25 to Life, in a way, sort of replicates the idea of what the ‘gangsta’ life is sort of about. Basically, living the life of a gang member to destroy another turf and provide services for one’s ‘family’.

You hear that… a gunshot and smoke is in the air. It came from the ghetto-sides of South Central Los Angeles, California. In 25 to Life, this is what that game is all about and more. By playing either as the cops or the gansters, this is an urban action third-person shooter that takes itself to the streets and lets loose. This is basically a survival kit for surviving in the hood. Watch out, your own neighbors can be neighborhood thugs as they would blast you in the city’s most violent areas. Fight your way towards the top spot in the ranks and receive your respect and honor on the streets.

25 to Life isn’t like another Grand Theft Auto series intrepretation, it’s an extreme game with a lot of extreme warriors at war. Playing with up to 16 players in an intense urban battlefield. Just like most streets gang, you’d have to hold your respected turf and defend your ground from the cops. If you’re caught and/or shot dead, you’ve been arrested or sent to your own funeral. Most likely, you’ll be dead before you’ll even know it, so tighten up your shooting skills to get ready for this game.

While competing with your enemy, you’ll be able to switch to different weapons and other various weapons. There’s a customizable character system that gives users the freedom to create the look and feel of that particular character for use in the game. Gamers could keep a record of stats, ranks, and track of how much gear. During the game’s battle, you’ll face other people such as: pedestrians (casualities), barking dogs, cars and things that’ll just catch you offguard to destroy your concentration on your opponent.

25 to Life consists of rap/ hip-hop tracks from the 25 to Life soundtrack with hip-hop’s most popular classics, the current best of the best, and newly-breaking artists featured on the game. Music is most important in any game, so 25 to Life, the soundtrack will be in stores really soon. With that coming out, 25 to Life, the game will be available in Early 2005 for the PS2 and Xbox gaming consoles. From Eidos Interactive, there is no rating for this game, as of yet. We’ll keep you informed with more and a full review up soon.