18 June – Bungie Halo 2 Update

Every Friday, bungie.net’s “Frankie” posts an update on Halo 2 development progress. This weeks update was hosted at the 343GS forums.

“Short and sweet this week, since I’m cranking on the manual and some other stuff.

Ryan’s Slaughter

Ryan Hylland, test freak and well-known spawn camper has been working on my favorite thing in the universe. Take-home tests. Where Bungie employees take home Halo 2 and playa against each other, enjoy social interactions and learn colorful new swears. This is Ryan’s A bunch of game variant settings. Slayer specifically. Ah, the CENSORED and Scorpion on Waterworks, such a beautiful thing.week in brief:

Had a couple of “take home tests” to check out how our fragile child-game performs in the high school play ground. I think we only got one black eye…..”