14 experiences that only happen to Madden NFL 25 players

Madden NFL 25 brings some really memorable experiences — both good and bad. When things are going great in your game, you feel like you're invincible. But when things go bad, you question why you even play the game. Nevertheless, Madden players live and die with this game. Here's some experiences that only happen to Madden NFL 25 players.

1. When you throw an interception and yell at the QB like it's his fault and he pressed the button.

michael scott no gif


But in reality, you're the one that passed the ball. He's just code in a video game.

you are a toy gif toystory


2. You make posts in your Connected Franchise Facebook group that read like a press recap of the game.

dennis green gif


Complete with quotes from the coach.

jim mora playoffs gif


3. Thinking you're on top of the world until your star RB or QB goes down.

black griffin in shock gif


4. So you trade all your first-round draft picks for a new one. 

mike ditka ricky williams

5. Only to throw interceptions or average less than 3 yards a carry.

romo interception vs broncos


And the losses pile on.

romo sad gif


6. You've cursed out a friend or family member in losing a close game.

ryan cowboys cursing


7. You draft a player with your first round pick that you didn't scout.

ryan leaf

Needless to say, it didn't work out.

ryan leaf drunk

8. Every bad play is due to horrible AI.

worst day ever philip rivers gif


9. You choose bad teams to play with in Connected Franchise to rebuild and relocate them to another city.

oakland raider bad gif


10. You trying to hitstick the ball carrier. 

packers qb slide


11. The computer always comes back in the 4th quarter.

torrey smith rahim moore gif


12. You try to truck every defender no matter who you're using, but this happens.

welker gets hit gif


13. You complain that every year the game is the same thing but with new rosters.

jim harbaugh complaining gif


14. But come midnight release, you'll be out there waiting to get your copy.

midnight release madden


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