12 Answers for 12 Questions About PlayStation 3 Motion Control

PC World recently found itself with the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Sony regarding its upcoming, unnamed motion control interface.

One part of particular note is their response to Nintendo’s welcoming of Sony and Microsoft to the motion-control stable, saying it was “flattered” by the announcements. Dr. Richard Marks, Special Projects Director for PS3, notes that while the EyeToy did come first, “that does not diminish the contribution Nintendo made to game interfaces.” As a “gamer first,” he sees both the EyeToy and Wii Remote as advancements in expanding the gaming market, with their new motion control ready to take it even further.

Another interesting question posed by PC World is “For all its advantages, the Wii is notoriously imprecise with a relatively restrictive motion ‘box.’ Assuming SCE’s ‘wands’ operate line-of-sight, how free will we be to move around? What’s the virtual ‘box’ size, roughly speaking in ‘real’ space, that we’ll be able to move about in?”

Marks replies, “We specifically designed PlayStation Eye with a wide field of view (75 degrees). This means when you are 10 feet away from the camera, the range of motion is 12 feet across by 9 feet high.”

Unfortunately, other than reiterating the Spring 2010 release plan, there was no information to be shared surrounding price, EyeToy inclusion, or packed-in games. “Further details will be provided when we make the official announcement,” Marks said.

You can check out the full interview, including questions about the two-wand interface, controller-free interfaces, the advantages of each, and more in PC World’s interview here.