10 Wii U games that should be on your radar

Trine 2: Director’s Cut

Frozenbyte’s side-scrolling action puzzle-platformer Trine 2 is returning as a director's cut specifically for Wii U. This version is said to contain content that the Finnish developer had to cut from the original. It will also include the recent expansion Goblin Menace, which hit Steam on September 6.

The game supports local and online co-op with the GamePad and three Wii remotes, introduces a Magic Mayhem party mode, and offers control options optimized for the Wii U. Look for it in the eShop at launch.

Pikmin 3

It’s been a long time coming: Pikmin 3, scheduled for release in 2013, arrives nearly nine years after Pikmin 2 for the GameCube.

The gameplay is familiar, but you can tilt the GamePad to direct your Pikmin army or use the controller to view the game map and switch between leaders.

Pikmin 3

Special mention: Bayonetta 2

bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 won’t be appearing at launch, but it’s definitely one you’ll want to look out for. Developer Platinum Games is making it exclusive to Nintendo’s console alone — a bold move, as it forces fans to either invest in a Wii U or go empty-handed.

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Everyone seems to be excited for Ubisoft’s ZombiU, which is slated to release on the date of launch. The first-person shooter survival game is a welcome addition not just to Nintendo’s library, but to the zombie genre in general — not an easy accomplishment, considering the closest we’re getting to an apocalypse in the real world is an invasion of zombie games, not the undead themselves.

The game forces the player to work the GamePad in interesting ways. There’s nothing casual about this survival experience.

Tank! Tank! Tank!

The upcoming four-player tank battle game from Namco Bandai lets players take on colossal Japanese monsters or each other.

The mode “My Kong,” for example, gives a select player control of the GamePad and a huge robotic ape. The opposing three players must put an end to its reign of destruction and terror. Players can also participate in deathmatches and free-for-alls.

Tank! Tank! Tank!

Get ready for goblins and plant people …

New Super Mario Bros. U

A sequel to the console version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii that released in 2009, NSMB U supports co-op for up to five players and features two new modes: Boost Rush (a coin collect-a-thon where you must survive a continuously scrolling stage) and Challenge Mode (a series of timed trials).

The single player holding the GamePad can form blocks, distract enemies, and find items for teammates. The game releases at launch.

The Wonderful 101

Previously called "Project P-100," The Wonderful 101 is a mass-hero action game that gives players control of superheroes who are able to combine their powers, which happens via use of the GamePad.

Players help innocent citizens and work together to stop an alien threat, morphing into weapons or defensive forms like gelatin to hinder attacks. Among the heroes are Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man, and Toilet Bowl Man.

The Wonderful 101

Next up … zombies and tanks, tanks, tanks.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

5th Cell’s next entry in its Scribblenauts series lets players create and modify their own original objects — a major new component to the game. Better yet, a second player can join and play cooperatively with a friend, helping to solve puzzles as the GamePad effectively transforms into a sketchpad.

This is definitely one game that seems perfectly suited to the Wii U. Watch for it at launch.

Nintendo Land

The deluxe bundle of the Wii U comes packaged with a physical disc of Nintendo Land, which features a variety of experiences. The minigames range from single-player to team play to competitive setups, and each corresponds to a different Nintendo series.

Players can discover Captain Falcon's Twister Race, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, and more.

Nintendo Land

Click on for world-famous plumbers and Toilet Bowl Man …

Finally, the next big console is only months away. Nintendo’s Wii U arrives in North America on November 18, and we’re excited to take home our brand new systems.

But the Wii U's launch window is huge — we’re talking from the pre-holiday release to March of next year. That’s a lot of time for the first wave of games. Below are 10 that should definitely be on your list.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Ultimate is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri for Wii, and it’s coming to both Wii U and 3DS in the spring. Can’t decide between versions? Since you can use the same save file for both, you can play solo, locally, or online at home and then take the adventure on the road. (The 3DS game doesn’t feature online play, but both versions are compatible with each other for local multiplayer.)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate contains over 200 quests.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Developer Junction Point’s follow-up to its 2010 game Epic Mickey for Wii comes in two parts: The Power of Two for Wii U (coming at launch) and Power of Illusion for 3DS. In the former, Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit team up for an adventure through Wasteland.

A second player can control Oswald and play cooperatively, and the GamePad introduces some unique features, as well — like the ability to draw illustrations that manifest different ways within the game world.

Disney Epic Mickey 2

Up next …Clownthulu and all your Nintendo favorites in one.