10 games you’ve probably skipped a college class for

During college, no one is going to hold your hand. You're an adult — you make your own schedule, decide when to study and when to go out, and are responsible for everything that happens to you. But you should also have fun in college, and gaming is part of that fun. I'm not afraid to admit that I've overslept or skipped a few college classes due to a late-night gaming session or two — or ten. Here's some of the games you've probably skipped a college class for.

1. World of Warcraft

leeroy jenkins


That Molten Core raid that went until 3 a.m. was totally worth it, though. The boots you were grinding for finally dropped. 

2. Call of Duty

call of duty gif


As soon as you hold a copy at midnight release, it's back to your room for Team Deathmatches all night long. First to prestige wins, amirite?

3. Star Wars Galaxies

swg pvp


Star Wars Galaxies pre-cu was an amazing game that let you skill your character up however you want. Whether it was participating in Rebel Alliance vs. Empire PvP, or…

swg gorax


Running from Gorax with some friends and finally defeating him, SWG was magical.

4. Madden

paul rudd ray lewis madden gif


One of two things happens as soon as you get your hands on a Madden at midnight: 1) You go home and start your franchise right away in your quest to the Super Bowl. Or 2) You whoop your brother or roommate in a couple of games. Either are more important that that Statistics class you're missing.

5. Kingdom Hearts 2

kingdom hearts 2 gif


Most people that have played the Kingdom Hearts games have become obsessed with it. Obsessed to the point of playing it instead of fulfilling those credit requirements. Plus, we had to know what happened to Riku and Mickey!

6. Ultima Online

ultima online


If you played Ultima Online, you probably missed a few key lectures because you were too consumed with working on your house. Gotta build that gold room. And if you weren't busy doing that, you were standing in Britain typing 'Bank' and hoping for someone to drop something awesome by accident so you could snatch it up. And don't forget running around trying to find the perfect plot for your 18×18 deed. 

7. League of Legends

league of legends gif


It's 1a.m.. You've played a bunch of ranked matches, increased your LP by only seven, but aren't quite ready for bed. So you decide to play a quick normal, but it ends up being the normal from hell. A normal that lasts 70 minutes. And you lose. You can't end on a loss right? Time for a quick ARAM…

8. Gunbound



Gunbound was super-popular, and I can remember people playing it in the library. I also remember people not realizing they missed their class as they sat there destroying other teams' tanks. 

9. StarCraft

starcraft gif


To be one of the best, you have to put in a ton of time into StarCraft — and you'll still be mediocre. So you go watch matches and try to learn what the pros do and then test them out yourself. You have to be dedicated. We'd rather study StarCraft​ micro and macro management than intellectual property rights. 

10. Civilization

civ 4 gif


It's like the board game Risk in a video game, but controlling everything about a civilization. We all know a game of Risk can last for days, and Civilization is the same way. You keep telling yourself, "One more turn, just one more turn." Next thing you know, it's dawn. 

Future games worthy of skipping class: Titanfall, Super Smash Bros. and Destiny



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