1 reason to play League of Legends, 9 more that are icing on the cake

Like millions of other gamers out there, I find myself playing League of Legends every night. I just started my placement matches for Season 4 — off to a horrible start because of feeders, obviously — but even with the losses, I can't help but love this game. There's too many reasons to count why I keep coming back to it, day after day after day, but it comes down to one main reason to play it; everything else is icing on the cake.

1. To be part of a worldwide community playing a competitive game that focuses on strategy and teamwork, driven by one of the most creative, passionate and appreciative gaming publishers ever – Riot Games.

lcs league of legends gif

The icing on the cake…

2. It brings friends together with the like-minded goal of teamwork and winning.

the avengers gif

the avengers gif

But it tears them apart just as much…

tacky and i hate you gif school of rock

3. To get to your totally realistic future of being a Challenger-level player that pro teams can't wait to recruit.

funny gif

4. To climb solo-queue ranks in the world's biggest e-peen contest.

there i said it house of cards gif

5. So that when you watch an LCS/eSports tournament, you aren't clueless as to what's happening – like my wife when I watch them.

the office gif

6. Because eSports are real sports that fill that competitive fire.

competitive gif modern family

7. You get white knight syndrome from standing up to players who troll you and talk trash.

don't be talking about my momma gif little giants

8. Pentakill!

nunu pentakill gif

9. It's free. The most popular game in the world is free.

free willy gif

10. To kill Teemo.

teemo dying gif

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