07 Commando Shoots onto DS

Contra 4 appears to have some competition, because another side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter for the Nintendo DS has been announced today. 07 Commando, coming via Chinese development studio Mana Computer Software Co. Ltd, and being published by the UK based Lexicon Entertainment, looks uncannily similar to the classic Metal Slug series.

You’ll control the character Storm in 07 Commando, who is sent to undermine an organization going by the name of Rattlesnake. A variety of different weapons and power-ups will be available to tackle stages and enemies with – some guns can also be used to find secret items strewn about stages.

Besides the main adventure mode for 07 Commando, the title will also boast a variety of touch screen mini-games. Despite the misleading name, 07 Commando will not be coming this year. Instead, it’s set to ship in Q1 2008 in Europe.

We’ll have more when it’s available.