Zynga introduces The Ville, a follow-up to YoVille

Zynga has unveiled The Ville, a spiritual successor to YoVille and the "culmination of years of experience developing social games while delivering on innovation."

The premise is simple: Players build their dream home and furnish it to their liking. They can socialize with their friends' avatars and engage in activites to earn happiness, such as sharing meals or watching TV. As players progress, they unlock new decorations, social objects, and advanced relationship interactions.

Players can also throw parties, cook and craft, and leave notes on their friends' game boards.

"The Ville is the next step in Zynga's mission to connect the world through games. It's about creating a fun virtual world and making it easy for friends and family to play together," said Mark Skaggs, senior vice president of product development.

The game launches soon on Facebook and supports 15 languages.

The Ville Zynga

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