Zoo Games Releases ‘Order Up!’ Exclusively For Wii

July 22, 2008


Delicious Blend of Cooking and
Culinary Empire Building

An appetite for fun is on the menu
today as Zoo Games announces the release of Order Up!. An enjoyable blend of
cooking and restaurant management, Order Up! puts players in the shoes of an
up-and-coming chef as they perfect their dishes while building a culinary
empire. There are over 80 recipes and four different restaurants to test
players’ culinary skills, and to introduce them to a virtual smorgasbord of
frantic cooking fun.

“The cooking genre has consistently
produced titles that are primarily a series of slicing and dicing mini-games.
With Order Up! we wanted to take the category beyond just recipes and create a
full-featured experience that incorporated a fun storyline, humorous characters
and ultimately, an engaging style of play,” said Lee Cummings, Creative
Director. “We are immensely pleased with the end result and believe Order Up! is
a completely original game whose challenge and humor can be enjoyed by anyone.”

As a promising new chef, players of
Order Up! not only prepare the wide variety of dishes on the menu, but must
handle the headaches and hazards of running a restaurant – not the least of
which are the quirky and over-the-top personalities that players will encounter
along the way. Prioritization is critical as players simultaneously prepare not
one, but a multitude of dishes, each requiring a special set of ingredients and
a variety of cooking techniques.

But help is available as players can
hire (and fire) assistant chefs to delegate tasks in order to keep the meals
coming and the customers content. But beware of the local restaurant critic and
health inspector as they can make or break your restaurant career.

Developed by SuperVillain Studios,
LLC., Order Up! is rated E for Everyone and is now available for a suggested
retail price of $39.99.