zOMG! Its Finally Here! Gaia Onlines MMO Game Enters Closed Beta

July 28, 2008

zOMG! It’s Finally Here! Gaia
Online’s MMO Game Enters Closed Beta

Over 120,000 Gaia Online
Community Members Apply for the Closed Beta Program

Gaia Online, the world’s most active
online community, has launched its upcoming casual MMO into closed beta. Over
10,000 community members will be able to participate in the beta program. Gaia
Online proudly announces that the game’s official name will be “zOMG!”, a term
generated from the virtual world’s active community. In development since 2006,
zOMG! is scheduled for release this summer, and will give the community a new
way to play, socialize, and explore.

In April, Gaia Online announced that
it would accept requests for entry into the beta program. Over 120,000
applications to enter the closed beta were submitted by community members.
Players selected from Gaia Online’s active community of over five million will
get the chance to play in-game with the creators of zOMG! and provide feedback
on the game.

“Our Gaian community is loyal, vocal
and not afraid to ask for what they want,” said David Georgeson, senior
developer of zOMG! at Gaia Online. “It only makes sense for online worlds to
place a huge emphasis on community involvement. In our case, they aren’t just
the people who will play the game; they’re the ones who asked for it.”

Designed in a flash-based
environment that is free and requires no downloads, players will interact in
zOMG! by engaging in quests, battling monsters, exploring the beautiful worlds
and socializing with friends. As an extension of the Gaia Online virtual world,
the MMO game extends the current Gaia Online offerings, like mini games,
customizable avatars, forums, and numerous creative and social outlets.

www.zomg.com for more
information about the closed beta program and new images from zOMG!.