Zombieland: Double Tapper mobile-RPG will take you on a wacky road trip

Time to nut up or shut up

Sony Pictures Television has announced a mobile game spin-off of their funny Zombieland movies for iOS and Android devices. Zombieland: Double Tapper is up for pre-registration – which you can do on the game’s website here – with no release date as of now. Check out the trailer!

Zombieland shook cinema viewers conception of what Zombie movies could be when it hit theatres back in 2009. It only shifted the careers of Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg into overdrive by becoming a huge box office hit, but it also became one of the most hilarious and lighthearted Zombie movies ever. Despite its popularity, sadly there was never a game adaptation of the movie.

Until now. With Zombieland: Double Tapper, owners of iOS and Android devices will soon be able to live out their Zombie wasteland fantasies in a brand-new role-playing game. There’s no concrete release date but with Zombieland: Double Tap hitting the big screens this October and the game clearly being tied to that sequel, it’s fair to assume the mobile game will launch around that time.

Here’s the game’s official description.

Collect a diverse roster of heroes, featuring all-new characters exclusive to Zombieland: Double Tapper and your favorites from the film – Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock.

Buckle up and go on action-packed road trips to famous American destinations with a post-apocalyptic twist including Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and more! Send multiple squads out on runs simultaneously to rake in more loot!

One in the chest, one in the head! Tap to target zombies as you fight off hordes of the undead. Tap to activate unique and fun abilities for each hero. Tap to upgrade your characters, weapons and new skills.

You’re going to need to pack a punch to take on gigantic waves of zombies and bosses. Collect and upgrade a ton of deadly weapons including rifles, pistols, machine guns, and knives!

Quips, banters, and one-liners. All the beloved elements from the movie are carefully crafted into your road trip escapades!