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Games Releases Editor for Zeus(tm): Master of Olympus(tm) Adventure Editor and
new Odyssey Adventure Included in Free Download


MA (February 16, 2001) – Impressions Games(tm) and Sierra Studios(tm) today
announced that the Official Zeus Enhancement Pack has been completed and is
now available for download. With the free Enhancement Pack, owners of
Impressions Games’ latest city-building game Zeus: Master of Olympus can, for
the first time, create their own mythical tales with the new Zeus Adventure
Editor. In addition, the download contains a new adventure that expands the
storyline in the original game to provide even more city-building fun.


the first time, fans of Impressions’ City Building Series can expand the world
of Zeus: Master of Olympus themselves with the Zeus Adventure Editor. Using
the new Zeus Adventure Editor, users can create entire adventures, including
maps, introductory and victory text, as well as add their own audio
narrations. These files can be then traded online through several websites
devoted to fans of the game. The Enhancement Pack can be downloaded for free
from the official Zeus website (http://zeus.impressionsgames.com).


new adventure included in the Official Zeus Enhancement Pack is called The
Odyssey and begins right where the last adventure in Zeus ended — at the end
of the Trojan War. The player, as Penelope’s cousin, undertakes assignments
and quests meant to ease Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. Penelope herself, of
course, is busy keeping her suitors at bay while Odysseus makes his way home.


with strategy gamers of all skill level in mind, Zeus: Master of Olympus makes
it simple to get a city built and running smoothly. But running the city is
only a part of mastering Zeus. Players will have to contend with driven
deities who can appear in the city to cause happiness or havoc. Famous heroes
wander the countryside, and can be summoned when their help is needed. Players
must defend their cities from hostile invaders, monsters, and other Greek
cities. Mixing the historical with the mythological, Zeus is divided into
quests and objectives that can be completed in about an hour, making it the
ideal diversion for both moderate gamers and hardcore strategists alike.

Games has been a leading developer of strategy games for over ten years, with
offices in Cambridge, MA. Impressions Games has created some of the most
innovative, best-selling titles in the interactive entertainment industry,
including the Lords of the Realm(tm) series, Lords of Magic(tm), Robert E.
Lee: Civil War General(tm), Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman(tm), and
the City Building Series which is comprised of the Caesar(tm) line of games,
Pharaoh(tm), Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra(tm), and Zeus(tm): Master
of Olympus(tm). More information can be found at http://www.impressionsgames.com.


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