Zero G Games Publishes Bloom Busters

February 11, 2008

Zero G Games Publishes Bloom Busters

Zero G Games and independent developer UBrothers
today announced the immediate availability of Bloom Busters. Bloom Busters is a
casual game that tells the story of Jimmy and Jessie, two gardeners who live in
magical village called Bloomland. The game centers around the player’s ability
to help Jimmy and Jessie rescue Bloomland’s farms and forests from the invasion
of squishy creatures roaming the land. Bloom Busters blends the best in fast
pace action-arcade puzzles with a build-your-garden-style theme. The game offers
many hours of extraordinary and challenging obstacles for all ages and combines
a unique blend of story and humor.

"We set out to create an immersive, active and
fun game and Bloom Busters has something to offer to casual gamers that is
unique … its story, humor and overall addictive appeal make it a unique game."
stated Marek Uhrin, founder of UBrothers. "We’re thrilled to have Zero G
publishing Bloom Busters after months of helping us fine-tune the game – Zero G
truly has a knack for making a game as good as it can possibly be, and that’s
reflected in the final version of Bloom Busters."

This game elicits management-style play through
actions such as feeding pigs, chickens, sheep, planting and watering crops, and
lots more fun with the intent of stopping the invading creatures. Players are
able to utilize gardening tools, such as a fly swatter and water hose, to
protect the unique flowers needed to save Bloomland. Bloom Busters will have you
on the edge of your seat yelling, "get away from my flowers."

"We love Bloom Busters because it captures the
ultimate in cute, fun and engaging entertainment. The team at UBrothers has
created a masterpiece. Each level comes with several ways to have fun with this
playful storyline, beautifully balanced level design, great visuals, adorable
sounds, and a great score to keep the player engaged from one adventure to the
next," said CEO Mark Lowe Zero G Games. "We’ve been fortunate to publish
groundbreaking and consistent titles that give the audience what they expect
from new casual games; Bloom Busters meets our goals in every category."