ZEN Studios Partners with Bullwinkle Studios to Bring Rocky & Bullwinkle to Xbox LIVE Arcade

April 15, 2008

ZEN Studios Partners with
Bullwinkle Studios to Bring Rocky & Bullwinkle to Xbox LIVE Arcade

XBLA Title Features Rocky &
Bullwinkle Returning in 100 Exciting and Hilarious Microgames

And now here’s something we hope
you’ll really like! ZEN Studios, a videogame developer and digital publisher
known for its innovative arcade and action games, announced today their next
title, Rocky & Bullwinkle, a fun party game that’s chock full of microgames for
the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Through a deal with Bullwinkle Studios (a joint venture
between Classic Media, an Entertainment Rights group company, and Jay Ward
Productions, Inc.), ZEN Studios will release Rocky & Bullwinkle starring all the
characters from the classic cartoon series “Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends®,”
which TV Guide recently ranked #3 on its list of “Best Cartoons of All Time.”
The game is coming straight out of Frostbite Falls to download from Xbox LIVE
Arcade beginning April 16, 2008.

Just like the cartoon show, Rocky &
Bullwinkle has all your favorites up to their usual high jinks. Rocky the heroic
squirrel and Bullwinkle the dimwitted moose will continue to foil the evil plots
of Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale of Pottsylvania, while the noble Canadian
Mountie Dudley Do-Right, the genius dog Mr. Peabody and his adopted boy Sherman
and many more of the show’s characters will be on hand to add to the fun. Fans
of all ages will be pleased to see that Rocky & Bullwinkle remains true to its
roots by featuring traditional art styling reminiscent of the classic cartoon
and by delivering the same wacky, irreverent and heartfelt humor that the
original cartoon show made so famous.

“We at ZEN Studios are elated to be
given the opportunity to bring such a memorable group of characters together for
a very unique gaming experience,” says Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing Director of ZEN
Studios. “Rocky & Bullwinkle, with their zany antics, subversive humor and wild
cast of supporting characters, will make a great addition to the XBLA platform.”

“Rocky & Bullwinkle is the first
Xbox LIVE Arcade title to be released based on these much-loved Jay Ward
characters," added Laura Turner Laing, Vice President Digital, Entertainment
Rights. "We are delighted to be partnering with ZEN Studios who have done such a
fantastic job in re-creating the authenticity and the humor of this classic
cartoon series.”

Rocky & Bullwinkle features all of
the aspects that have made the Xbox LIVE Arcade such an appealing and popular
platform, including:

  • Fast Action – Blast, run, dodge
    and jump your way through each of the microgames, many of which can be played
    using a cool new gesture system with the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera

  • Quick Games – Players can quickly
    get into the action, load up any of the 100 microgames and collect box tops,
    just like Bullwinkle’s famous box top collection from the cartoon show; these
    can be traded in for gadgets that unlock Achievements and increase a player’s
    overall Gamerscore

  • Replayability – With plenty of
    rewards and variety, you’ll be dying to pull your controller out of
    Bullwinkle’s hat and play through the game again, either alone or in a custom
    tournament of microgames with up to eight people locally – you can even show
    off your score to your far away buddies with extensive leaderboard support!

  • Great Value – There are eight
    playable characters and five difficulty settings for all of the microgames –
    all for only 800 Microsoft Points. Gee whiz, Rock!

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Bullwinkle and ZEN Studios, please visit