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Beckons Publishers to Explore Unique Interactive World of Zelenhgorm


17, 2001 (INB) — A revolutionary new computer game transports players on an
ethereal ship to a fantastic world of stunning 3-D environments in search of
ways to heal a fractured continent. This is the challenge of Zelenhgorm,
Episode I, a game years in development that is now available for viewing by
select publishers as a playable demo. http://www.zelenhgorm.com


game begins as the player awakens from a deep and long sleep into a once
peaceful world which has degenerated into six isolated spheres. The player’s
challenge is to acclimate and learn about his new environment, overcome the
obstacles in his path, and return peace to Universe Zelenhgorm. As he
explores, the player wanders amidst hundreds of live actors and actresses
against a film-quality graphic backdrop enriched by a vibrant orchestral
score. Universe Zelenhgorm is an interactive cinematic world, where the player
can question the inhabitants or just observe and eavesdrop in an attempt to
learn the truth about how this once unified peaceful world was so tragically
blown apart.


staff of 30 developed Zelenhgorm over several years, writing the scripts,
refining the software, and directing and producing the animated and filmed
components. The game’s use of multiple live actors and actresses, appearing
simultaneously with the capability of interacting with each other and the
player, required the development of a revolutionary engine. The result is a
stunning cinematic world, sort of a Lord of The Rings meets Myst, which breaks
new technological ground and begs to be developed further in print, and
television and feature-length film formats.


retain the highest possible graphic quality, we are using a technique which
allows the player 360 degrees of freedom at any point in the game,"
according to Director and Producer Michi Lantz of Malamute, Zelenhgorm’s
creator. "To create the advanced engine that’s running the game, we had
to develop quite a few unique tools that just weren’t available on the
market," she said. "Actors are shot against blue-screened
backgrounds and props in our in-house studio, and this enabled us to composite
them into the 3D scenes virtually seamlessly. Not only can the illustrators
use their wildest imagination to draw the landscapes, buildings and
inventions, but the incorporation of ‘real people’ into these scenarios give
them a credibility that’s simply stunning."

I of Zelenhgorm is in the Beta phase and is a fully funded project developed
by Malamute, a Swedish production company. The Episode I Gold Master will be
completed this quarter and is available for interested worldwide publishers. 


The recommended system requirements are PII 350 MHz Pentium, 64 Mb RAM, 650 Mb
free hard disc space, DirectX compatible 3D graphics card with at least 8 Mb
RAM, DirectX compatible 16-sound card, 16x CD-ROM, and Windows 95/98. Episode
I is expected to be followed by at least two additional segments which are
already in development. 


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