Zelda: Majora’s Mask now available from Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo recently began including virtual downloads as part of the wares offered by the rewards service, letting players use "coins" earned from the purchase of Nintendo products on a limited-time only assortment of games. Today that assortment has been updated with four brand new titles available for redemption, including classic N64 title The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

At 150 coins, Majora's Mask for WiiWare stands out as the best bargain by far, letting players fill their nightmares with images of the game's horrifying death moon. At the same price point you could consider Dr. Mario Express for 3DS (or Dr. Mario Online RX for WiiWare at 100 coins), but that assumes you want to play Dr. Mario for some strange reason, a puzzle game which hasn't really changed much since its original 1990 inception. Finally, Kirby's Dreamland is 100 coins, bringing Kirby's first outing to 3DS gamers. Frankly though, the gameboy classic is definitely not anything to write home about, and Kirby's trademark ability to steal the powers of his enemies is noticably missing from his original adventure. Definitely a "pass" in our book.

Regardless of the titles chosen, it's good to see Nintendo finally paying some attention to their neglected rewards service. We'll definitely be keeping our eyes open to see what other downloadable titles make their way onto the club in the future.