YouTuber gets PSP emulator to work on Xbox One

Kinda sorta

Emulators are all the rage these days thanks in part to renewed interest in retro consoles like the NES classic – but a YouTuber named Huaining ITC., Ltd is going a step further by showing off a working PSP emulator on an Xbox One.

Temper your expectations. While he gets the emulator to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the game runs at a horrendous framerate and the audio is glitchy.

Still, it’s a marvel to see the Xbox One being capable of emulating a PSP. Hopefully a better version will make the rounds someday, even though it’s doubtful Sony and Microsoft would ever join efforts for something like this.

Sony has jumped on the emulator bandwagon in the past year by adding a PS2 emulator on the PS4, and there have been attempts at creating a Game Boy Advance and N64 emulator on the Xbox One.

However, with strict laws in place, most emulators will sadly just be nothing more than viral videos at this point.