Your Destiny beta characters are gone for good

I hope you didn't put too much time or energy into your Destiny beta character. Because they are gone. In last week's update, Bungie confirmed the inevitable truth I think we all knew, but wanted to ignore. That is, our beta characters will not transfer to the final version of Destiny.

Here's the heartfelt message they left to break the news to us.

Hey, handsome. Miss you. We had a lot of fun together, didn’t we? 


You were bold. Even in the darkest corners of Old Russia, your eyes burned with the same purple intensity that sent so many of your enemies into the Void. 


You stood fast in the face of danger. Hive Ogres shook the ground beneath your feet.  The Lord of the Iron Banner put your skills to the test. Yet, after every mission, you returned triumphantly to the Tower.  Humanity had nothing to fear – not on your watch.


You were brave. 


And now, you are gone.


You and millions of Guardians just like you. You helped us build a better world – all of you. But as great as that place has become, it’s a place that wouldn’t make sense to you anymore. Too much has changed. 


I’ll remember you, and millions of Guardians like you, for the things you taught us. Thank you for letting us learn from your adventures. We promise your sacrifice will not be in vain.


See you starside. 

"If the rest of you haven’t gathered the painful truth from the eulogy yet, our Beta characters won’t transfer to the final version of Destiny. The vaults have been cleaned out, too," Bungie added, just in case you didn't get the hint. Basically, it came down to Bungie making tweaks and adjustments based on the beta results which ultimately meant you couldn't bring your character along with you. 

"This is the last time we’ll ask you to part with your hero. On September 9th, you can create a Guardian who will keep you company for a good, long time. On a long-enough timeline, you might decide to delete him or her and start over again – but that will be your call to make."

Oh well, it's no use crying over spilled milk.