You Like Me…You Really Like Me!

December 16, 2008

The Envelope Please…

Meridian4 is thrilled to announce
that has awarded two of our titles prestigious Game of the Year
awards. Space Trader from Hermitworks and Tank Universal from Dialogue Design
have won Indie Game of the Year.

“Each of these titles brought
something new, unique to their genres and best of all solid fun gameplay. Every
PC gamer needs to check out these games for them selves and they will find a
hidden gem.” said GameFocus.

Space Trader also won the dubious
award of Best Game No One Played, but we hope that will change once people see
what an independent developer can produce with lower budgets and a lot of

“We love Space Trader at GameFocus
for many reasons including the fact it is a unique indie game that is simply fun
and challenging to play. Relying more on gameplay then flashy graphics Space
Trader is still on our game machines and played to this day.” said GameFocus.