You Could Own This Wind Waker Stained Glass Window

Behold one of the coolest bits of gaming memorabilia to come along in a while. This Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker stained glass window is actually made of plexiglass, but that knowledge does little to deter from its magnificence. The most amazing part is that you can take home the piece, assuming you’re willing to compete in an eBay auction for it.

The eBay auction description explains the memorabilia’s origins:
“This amazing window is created from Gallery Glass faux stained glass craft supplies on a 28″ x 33.5″ piece of 1/4″ Plexiglas for easy portability in my home office. The gallery of images shows the window from start to finish. It can be affixed to your window, without damaging the frame or the glass, but still makes an awesome addition to any gamer’s room. Listing it for Link’s 25th anniversary. I found the image originally on and modified it to fit the wider frame of my window. Its from the Legend of Zelda : Wind Walker image gallery. I saw it on a friends sweatshirt and thought it would be great to turn the drawing of a stained glass window into a real stained glass window.”

The auction can be accessed via this eBay link. As of this writing, the piece has tallied a mere 5 bids and a considerable $250, but if you have the cash and you’re a Zelda fan, winning would be worth every penny.


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