You can try out the Open Demo for Anthem right now until Sunday

Don your Javelin and try out Anthem for free now!

After customers who pre-ordered EA’s much-hyped online shooting experience Anthem had an early go at the game in a VIP Demo, everyone regardless whether they purchased the game can now try out the Open Demo throughout the weekend.

A lot is riding on BioWare’s latest persistent online GaaS shooter Anthem. As EA’s direct answer to the popular Destiny franchise, it’s understandable how much both gamers and the publisher are expecting from Anthem. The hype machine revved up ever since its unveiling two years ago. Seeing how Electronic Arts has big ambitions for the fledgling franchise by planning to support it over the next decade, it can be quite easy to have unrealistically high expectation however.

Similar to how Destiny has changed and evolved ever since its first incarnation, there’s little doubt Anthem’s journey will be anything but flexible and a changing one. Expect heavy and meaningful post-launch support in form of new content, changes to game design and much more.

But with Anthem launching in three weeks, on February 22nd, the long period of pre-launch speculations is nearing its dawn quickly. Now, with the launch of the Open Demo for the game, gamers can finally make up their own impressions on the game until this Sunday. You can download the demo through EA’s game service Origin here.

So, what does the demo of Anthem have in offer? Players will start out in Fort Tarsis, the game’s main hub and safe town. Here you’ll be able to customize your Javelin, the game’s powerful exosuits, take on missions or visit various unique locations within the fort and talk to the game’s characters.

But of course, it’s the combat you’re here for and the demo is aiming to fulfill this desire by offering a three-part expedition into the hostile open-world. Besides completing the missions, players also can explore the world in freeplay and engage in challenges.

There’s little reason not to try out the demo, now that it is available to all players for free. So, hop on the demo and make your own opinion on Anthem!