You can ‘teabag’ in Halo 4’s Mantis

Today, 343 Industries officially confirmed the reimagined version of Valhalla (Halo 3) in their upcoming blockbuster, Halo 4, as “Ragnarok.” In the trailer they released of the map, 343 also introduced the Mantis: a sick-nasty mech-vehicle that stomps on things.

Better yet, we learned that you’ll be able to make the mech teabag other players whenever you score a kill on them. As you know, Halo fans take their teabagging very seriously, so all will welcome this news, surely.

You can view the trailer of Ragnarok, which features the Mantis, by clicking here.

Time to make your voice heard: We’d love to hear your favorite Halo 3 Valhalla moments. Whether it be flying a mongoose through a lift or sniping from the famous snow-covered ridge, let us hear it by commenting below.

Source: [YouTube]