You can now stream Xbox One games to the Oculus Rift

It's like playing games in a virtual room, inside a real-life room

Microsoft and Oculus are giving gamers more novel, if not offbeat ways to play games. Starting today, you can download a new Xbox App from the Oculus Store that lets you stream games from your Xbox One into you Oculus Rift headset. The app takes you into one of several virtual spaces, with a large screen and streams the games right in front of your eyes. 

When inside the virtual room, you can push and pull the screen as far or as close as you want it to be, and gives that next level sense of immersion. That is, provided you have the network strength to pull it off. You have to have both your PC and the Xbox One on the same network (preferably wired) to have the best experience. 

VR hasn't found its killer app just yet, so while we wait for the game that will make us invest in VR, we might as well enjoy this new way to play games on our Xbox One.

Source: [Oculus]