You can help unlock the ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer

Eager to see the first trailer for Iron Man 3? I think we all are, and Disney and Marvel know it. So with some clever viral marketing, fans can help unlock the first trailer for Iron Man 3. How? Simply by powering up Tony Stark's arc reactor — which apparently runs on Facebook 'Likes.'

On the film's official Facebook page, you can 'Like' the page, which helps charge the arc reactor. It currently sits at 28 percent, and once it reaches 100 percent, the first trailer will be revealed. So spread the word. Repost this. Send your friends to 'Like' the Iron Man 3 Facebook page. Let's get this trailer out so we can all stop talking about rumors.

Iron Man 3 kicks off the next summer movie seaso on May 3, 2013, in what is the first step of Marvel's "Phase Two."

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