You can buy Jayce’s Gun Hammer Replica

Our League of Legends aficionado Andrew Clouther was at the Season Two Championship in Los Angeles over the weekend and had a blast. Some of the swhg he brought back was a Championship Riven skin, Ryze and Tryndamere statues, and a t-shirt. Pretty awesome, right? Then this morning, he sends me a picture he found on the League of Legends subreddit. It's a list of items you could buy at the Championship with their prices. Look at the bottom of the list.

LoL Jayce Hammer rpice

That's right — a replica of Jayce's Gun Hammer for the low price of… $400. It's only for pre-order, and there's not pictures of it yet, so no word on whether it transforms or not. Still, if you're a top lane player and are into video game collectibles AND have $400 hanging around, that is something you could have bought. Hopefully we can get some pictures soon of what it looks like.

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