You can buy an Xbox One Day One Edition five months after release

One of the perks of being an early adopter of the Xbox One was getting a special "Day One Edition." This special version was filled with commemorative items that was believed to be reserved for only those who purchased an Xbox One on or before its launch on November 22. Fast forward five months later to April 25, and it turns out you can still get one.

Amazon has made available a number of Xbox One Day One Edition consoles which you can now purchase for the regular price of $499.99. Though it claims there's a "new version of this item" available, the Day One Edition includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging for no additional cost. The Kinect, of course, is also included.

It's unclear exactly why this version of the Xbox One is available for purchase, but given the recent news that Microsoft has slowed, or even halted, production of new Xbox hardware, it's possible that Amazon never actually sold out of Day One systems to begin with. This makes me wonder if retailers were intentionally withholding stock the entire time the Xbox One was "sold out" and waiting for shipments to build artificial demand.

Last week, Microsoft revealed that it has shipped over five million units since its launch in November. Remember, shipped does not necessarily reflect the number of systems actually sold to consumers so we don't really know how good or bad the system is actually performing. I do think that Microsoft's unwillingness to share the number actually sold to consumers is somewhat telling of the situation however. Comparatively, Sony has been much more willing to divulge its sales to actual consumers, revealing that over 7 million PS4s have been sold worldwide.

Whatever the reason, you can get an Xbox One Day One Edition right now from Amazon.