Yogscast Responds to Minecon Controversy

Twitter drama has been heating up in the Minecraft world following today's tweets by the game's developer Notch, blasting the podcast group Yogscast for inappropriate behavior at the game's official convention, Minecon. Yogscast had attended as honored guests, but various acts of misbehavior, including one incident with a young fan, had the Swedish developer steaming calling them "an isolated island of egos."

Already, fans of both Minecraft and Yogscast have been fretting about the future of these two communities, which had once seemed inseperable. Though Notch has had his say on the matter, we are still awaiting a response from Yogscast, who has just now posted on both their Twitter and Facebook feeds that they will be preparing an official statement they return from Los Vegas, where Minecon has just finished wrapping up.

Yogscast's Facebook: "An Official statement/Vlog will be released when Simon, Lewis and Hannah return from Las Vegas to clarify what has happened. Hopefully this will clear everything up for everyone. – MintyMinute."

Yogscast's Twitter: "we are about to embark on a 24 hour journey home so will officially respond when back in the UK – Lewis"

We will have more on this story as it develops, though this is perhaps the biggest Minecraft-related controversy since the "Scrolls" incident, and definitely the one most threatening to the game's community. Fingers crossed that these two parties will kiss and make up. 

Well, maybe not the kissing part.

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