Yeti is leaving the Net – It’s time to say Good-Bye

Yeti is leaving the Net – It’s
time to say Good-Bye

Vienna, 16.06.2005/ Stop when it is
best! After eight games and a lot of penguin throwing, Yeti is ending his
globally successful YETISPORTS online and mobile game series with his ninth and
last part Game Over“ on the 7th of July.

Between 400.000 and 800.000 users
still visit the website
  every day. The free game series has been played
around 450 million times since its start in January 2004 and is therefore one of
the most successful internet and cell phone games of all times.

Why is the Vienniese Edelweiss
Medienwerkstatt closing down Yetisports anyway? We did not want to wait until
nobody cares for Yeti and the penguins anymore“, says executive producer Klaus
Hartinger, Yetisports has made history. Now it is time to realize new ideas.“

Who the *%^&* is Edelweiss?

The Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt Ltd.
was founded in 1998. The company specializes in the development and production
of new media applications, online and cell phone games, internet projects, CD-Roms,

Edelweiss is a full service agency.
PC-, online- and cell-phone games are produced together with adequate songs,
ringtones and videos to built a strong community around a new game. The awarded
game Yetisports was Edelweiss big step into the international market.