Yet another Elder Scrolls Online beta event is planned

With the April 4th release date for Elder Scrolls Online rapidly approaching, you'd think that last weekends' beta event was the last one before launch. 

You thought wrong.

When asked over Twitter if there would be another bete weekend, @TESOnline, the game's official Twitter account, confirmed that we're going to see another beta weekend.

It's nice to see Bethesda both allowing more and more people to experience the game before launch. In addition, it's going to be helpful for developer ZeniMax Online to continually stress the servers in an effort to ensure the launch goes as smooth as possible. Hiccups are bound to happen as that's the pure nature of any MMO launch. If they can iron out as many wrinkles as possible before April, it'll pave the path for a successful launch.

Things have been quiet regarding the next beta event since that Tweet, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open for any further details.