Yesterday dev asks for crowd-funding to launch next project

Developer Pendulo Studios is currently working on a brand new project, but it needs your help. The studio behind Yesterday, which launched a few months ago and was absolutely awesome, has taken to Gamesplanet Lab so that adventure game-loving folks can help crowd-fund the game.

Titled Day One, the game stars a character named Ethan who's informed that he has a rare illness. The doctor then tells him that he has very little time left to live, but Ethan discovers a strange pill that can grant him an extra 24 hours of life and a mysterious note telling him to fly to Paris. The trailer above shows off some of this narrative, as well as background info on the game straight from Pendulo's co-founder.

Day One could very well be a must-play adventure game. I'd certainly argue that Yesterday was exactly that, and if this project offers the type of thought-provoking storytelling that the studio's previous title did, it could be the next big adventure game.

You can donate different sums of cash to help fund Day One, and there are various rewards for gamers who want to back the game. I was a big fan of both the story and gameplay in Yesterday, so it goes without saying that I would love to see Pendulo release Day One down the road.

[Gamesplanet Lab]

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