Yes! The Last Story is now probably at a retailer near you

I'm happy, you guys. After four days of uneasy anticipation, I can finally say that I own a copy of The Last Story. Yes! That means you can probably find a copy near you, too! Yes!

Despite the fact that its launch date was listed as August 14, a lot of retailers didn't get the game that day. Apparently, The Last Story was shipped on August 14, which means different vidya game shops were getting the game on different days.

After being told to go home because there was no copy of The Last Story for me on Tuesday, I became bitter and unimpressed. I went the next day and was told to wait until Friday, which was when the game was expected to arrive. So I did, and I played the waiting game. Ugh … I hate that game.

But now the day has arrived, and I've got my shiny new copy of The Last Story! So if you haven't been able to get the game, you may want to start checking at your local games retailer, because chances are it's arrived. Let us celebrate in unison: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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