Yakuza 4 Is Amazon’s Deal of the Day

If you enjoy beating the life out of mobsters in the fictional red light districts of Tokyo, chances are you’re either currently enjoying Yakuza 4 or planning on playing it. If you have yet to purchase the Sega-published crime game, be sure to head over to Amazon right now. Today’s Deal of the Day slashes a hefty sum off the game’s original price tag.

Amazon is discounting the game (originally priced at $59.95) and selling it for $39.99. That’s $19.96 off the original price. As usual, Amazon will only have this offer available today, so hurry and get your copy of Yakuza 4 before the twenty-four hours are up.

Yakuza 4 is a crime-themed action-adventure game set in a fictional Tokyo environment. Gameplay revolves largely around brawling with rivals, chasing enemies, and running. The game has received postive reviews from the media for its varied gameplay and solid storytelling. If you’re a fan of the series or crime games in general, there’s really no reason to skip this deal.

Yakuza 4 is available exclusively on PlayStation 3. Be sure to buy plenty of refreshments and snacks with those $20 you save. Once you start playing Yakuza 4, you won’t want to leave your seat.