Xerath and Heimerdinger rework appears in League of Legends’ public test realm

Thanks to the hard working folk over at Team Solo Mid (TSM), we have some videos showing the changes done to League of Legends’ Xerath and Heimerdinger. While these champions are continuing on with a similar theme as before, their entire kits have been reworked.  Let’s take a bit of a look-see at these two AP champs.

Xerath, the siege tank of LoL, has had his primary root ability mechanic thrown into his Ultimate. No longer does Xerath’s passive give him armor, now there is a link to magic penetration and mana regeneration. His Q now works more like Varus’ Piercing Arrow. Sure you can fire it right away but the longer you hold it the further distance it travels, the more damage it does, and more mana it costs. His W is a combination of his old Ultimate and Leona’s Ultimate. It drops an AoE circle that does more damage the closer you are to the middle of it. The E ability is a skill shot that nukes and stuns. Xerath’s Ultimate roots him in place and gives him four AoE burst shots with a long range; he only has three seconds to fire each of the shots.

Heimerdinger, for the most part kept all of same abilities but each of them work differently. His Ultimate now works similarly to Karma. He gets two charges of it that when used before another ability it will give that ability a better effect . His turrets now show their range and have a higher damage cool down ability that is constantly recharging. If his Ultimate is used, the turret becomes huge, faster, and deal more damage. His W, also known as those cheap a@# rockets, now actually have to be aimed in a massive arc that works slightly similarly to Lulu’s Glitterlance. After an Ultimate, they shoot with a fire effect and deal more damage. The concussion grenade travels much faster and actually looks like a grenade now. With the Ultimate in effect, it bounces two more times after landing the first time – quasi similar to the Ziggs poke.