Xenoblade Chronicles Selling Well in Europe

Despite the shortage of copies at launch, Xenoblade Chronicles has managed to do quite well in terms of sales in Europe. The game launched this past Friday, and after just a few days, it has provided favorable results both commercially and critically. Granted the game isn’t a million-seller yet, but it has certainly yielded good sales figures.

Xenoblade Chronicles instantly garnered the number two spot on the UK Software Charts for the Wii. Overall, the game is currently placed at the number seven spot, which is pretty impressive. Obviously, this is a game people want to play.

So, Nintendo of America, are you watching? Japan loved Xenoblade. Europe seems to dig the game, too. What makes you think those of us living in North America don’t want to play it?

Sure, we can play a PAL copy of Xenoblade Chronicles if we take the time to mod our Wii consoles, but I’m too lazy to do that. Also, I don’t like tampering with my gaming hardware. Just release Xenoblade Chronicles in North America and give us a reason to power on our Wii systems again, Nintendo.