Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 01

Vito Gesualdi takes MONOLITHSOFT's RPG masterpiece for a spin. Slated to drop for the Nintendo Wii on April 6th in North America, this gorgeous game could be the console's swan song. In part one we learn the history of the Hons and Mechon races, being introduced to the Monado blade or Xenoblade in the process. We also meet Dunban, the only man seemingly capable of wielding the sword, and Shulk, the young man hoping to understand its ancient power.

For the tutorial mission, start by using Dunban's "Enchant" art. This will let your two teammates help damage the Mechon invaders. Continue to use the auto-attack, staying behind the Mechon as you do. Whenever the "Buster" art charges, position Dunban in front of as many Mechon as possible and let loose with the sword's power! Continue this and you'll soon finish the battle.

– One Year Later –

Shulk and Reyn start this chapter being attacked by a Colony Krabble. Keep piling on damage, while rotating to the back of the enemy and using the "Back Slash" art.