XCOM 2 mod adds Star Wars helmets

The armor of the inaccurate

You could not get any closer if you tried. The barrel of your rifle all but grazes the enemy’s brow. The wind is calm; the lighting, perfect. Your odds of landing your shot exceed 95 percent. You take aim, as you have countless times before. You exhale, confident in your calculations. You fire.

You miss.  

XCOM 2 mod adds Star Wars helmets

Such is the way of XCOM 2. The jury is out on whether the brilliant strategy game’s variably accurate soldiers are a nuisance or a charm, but modder Platoon found them to be an inspiration for an all-too-fitting addition to the game: a suite of Star Wars helmets worn by soldiers of storied inaccuracy.

Platoon’s Star Wars Helmets mod (available via Steam and NexusMods) gives you the option to deck out both male and female soldiers in five iconic helms: Classic Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, First Order, Mandalorian and Republic Commando. With the mod’s latest update, all five feature full color and camo customization, as well as a face-paint texture to help the helmets blend with existing armor sets.

Thanks, GameInformer