XCOM 2 headlines the next $12 Humble Monthly bundle

It doesn't just stop at XCOM 2 either...

Deals on digital games are nothing new, but for the frugal shopper, getting the best value for the best games is a non-stop endeavor. One of the best ways to nab spectacular value is by subscribing to Humble Monthly, a monthly pack of roughly eight games (it varies sometimes) for only $12. Most of the games in the bundle are a mystery, but Humble Bundle always reveals a headliner game ahead of the bundle's release, and most of the time, the headliner game is more than worth the value of the entire package. 

February's Humble Monthly headliner was revealed today to be XCOM 2, one of 2016's best games, which still retails for $60 on Steam. Humble Monthly subscribers just got January's bundle fully unlocked today, and just to give you an idea, here are the game's from January's bundle.

  1. Headliner: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
  2. Project CARS
  3. Mother Russia Bleeds
  4. Neon Chrome
  5. Jotun
  6. HoPiKo
  7. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  8. Kimmy

I've been subscribing to Humble Monthly for about a year now, and I have to say that the bundles are among the best values there is. It has saved me a ton of money from Steam sales, though admittedly some months are weaker than others. However, I have found that with a little patience and restraint, a lot of games that I have on my Steam wishlist, ended up as mystery games or headliners of these bundles.

With XCOM 2, I have no problems investing in next month's bundle, since it along will have incredible value at $12.

Source: [Humble Bundle